About the Meeker Mustang Makeover

Deana Wood enjoys the Flat Tops astride 2019 Meeker Mustang Champion, Flintstone. Deanna and her sister Leah brought along Flintstone under the watchful eye of their father, Joe Wood.

The Meeker Mustang Makeover is a wild horse transformation competition & “Ready To Ride” auction!

This competition pits six trainers against each other with only a hair-raising 100 days to start and train a wild Mustang. At the finish, the horses are auctioned off to the crowd.

September 11, 2020

Get your next horse at the

Meeker Mustang Makeover

The Meeker Mustang Makeover is designed to showcase the horses of the Piceance-East Douglas Herd Management Area and to to help prepare mustangs for adoption and use while educating the public about the wild horse population in northwest Colorado. It demonstrates the abilities of both professional and amateur regional horse trainers.

Trainers are eligible for $4,000 in prize money and receive 50% of the proceeds of their horse’s sale. The mustangs are all two and three year olds, a prime age for training.

Equipped with a packed house already attending the famous  Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trials at the Rio Blanco County Fairgrounds, trainers have a unique opportunity to parade their horse’s talents past the crowd on Friday night, before the auction.

See you at Meeker Mustang Makeover!


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