Trainers and homes sought for MMM

Mar 1/ The Daily Sentinel… If you love horses and want to help the local ecosystem, then the Meeker Mustang Makeover is for you. The third annual event that showcases and auctions wild horses is on August 28, 2021. Applications to be a trainer for the Meeker Mustang Makeover are open until April 1. TrainersContinue reading “Trainers and homes sought for MMM”

2020 Meeker Mustang Makeover enjoys record success in tough year

Sept. 16, 2020— Started by a group of Meeker citizens just one year ago, this year’s Meeker Mustang Makeover more than doubled in size from last year, adding more horses overall, and a youth division with five yearling wild horses. Each youth participant who satisfied the obstacles received an $800 scholarship check.  Read more…

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