Oct. 29, 2019 — The Bureau of Land Management manages and protects wild horses and burros on 26.9 million acres of public lands across 10 Western states as part of its mission to administer public lands for a variety of uses. The Wild Horse and Burro Program’s goal is to manage healthy wild horses andContinue reading “MMM and BLM”

Wild mustang makeover: How a horse and rider built a bond in 100 days

Oct 11, 2019–  Nitis wasn’t always his name. In reality, the young mustang has spent most of his life without a name, and without human contact, but now that’s what he’s called — it roughly translates to “friend.” Read more…

Mustang Makeover seeks home for seven rehabbed wild mustangs

September 3, 2019–  The brainchild of area ranchers, horse trainers, conservationists, and historians concerned about the growing populations of mustangs in western Rio Blanco, the Meeker Mustang Makeover is intended to showcase the stamina, intelligence and resilience of horses whose genetic history goes back to Spanish, Native American and early ranching pioneers. Read more…

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