Trainer Requirements & Application

Meeker Mustang Makeover
2020 Trainer Application

Please email completed applications to Billy Goedert by April 30, 2020:
Billy Goedert –


  • Minimum Facility Requirements: Corral
  • Measurements: Approved Trainers must provide a minimum of 400 square feet (20 feet x 20 feet) for each animal adopted/purchased. “Fence broken” adult mustangs need to be maintained in an enclosure at least 6 feet high, 0-18 months old 5 feet high and burros 4.5 feet high.
  • Ungentled animals should not be released into a large open area, such as a pasture, as the animal may not be easily re-caught for training or
    veterinary care. However, once the animal is gentled, it may be released it into a pasture or similar area.
  • Materials/Construction: An acceptable corral must be sturdy and constructed out of materials such as; poles, pipes, or planks (minimum 1.5 inches in thickness) without dangerous protrusions.
  • Barbed wire, large-mesh woven, stranded and electric materials are not acceptable for fencing.
  • Posts must be a minimum of 6 inches in diameter and spaced no farther than 8 feet apart. Horizontal rails should be 3-inch minimum diameter poles or planks at least 2” x 8”. If poles are being used, there should be a minimum of five horizontal rails, and with 2″ x 8″ planks, there should be at least four rails.
  • No space between rails should exceed 12″. All rails should be fastened to the inside of the post with either heavy nails or lag screw. A shelter
    must be provided for your mustang and/or burro(s) in cases of inclement weather and temperature extremes.
  • Contact your administering BLM office for shelter requirements. Applicants will not be approved until all facility requirements are met.
  • For more information on BLM facility and shelter requirement visit and click on adoption requirements under Important Documents.

  • Mustangs and/or burros must be transported in a stock-type trailer with a rear swing gate.
  • The trailer must have the following: A covered top, sturdy walls and floors, with a smooth interior, free from any sharp protrusions, ample head room, adequate ventilation, removable partitions or compartments to separate animals by size and sex, if necessary and the floor must be covered with a non-skid material.

Trainer Expectations

  1. Trainers will be responsible for transportation of the mustang.  
  2. Trainers must demonstrate, through the application, a track record of successfully gentling/training animals using least resistance training methods (natural horsemanship gentling techniques.)
  3. Trainers must understand that until titled by the BLM, the animal cannot be sold, traded or given away. Nor can they be neglected, abandoned, inhumanely treated, or used as bucking stock or for other commercial purposes.
  4. In the case of serious injury or death of the mustang or burro, trainers are required to notify the MMM Director within 24 hours of the occurrence. Trainers will be required to submit a veterinarian’s report to MMM and BLM OOJ within 24 hours. All costs to be covered by the trainer.
  5. By participating in this program you naturally become an ambassador for the mission of the Meeker Mustang Makeover event by increasing the awareness and placement of mustangs.
    • This is a public event, trainers within the MMM are held to higher standards, and are expected to follow a certain level of conduct.
  6. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • portraying least resistant and humane training methods while working with mustang
    • maintaining a professional and informative relationship while working with any potential adopters/ purchasers.
    • creating a positive and professional environment on social media through appropriate posts, photos, comments, etc.

  7. The eligibility of any trainer who is found to be portraying the MMM, BLM, or other MMM trainers or adopters negatively may be re-evaluated.

Please email completed applications to Billy Goedert by April 30, 2020:
Billy Goedert –

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