2019 Trainers And Mustangs

The inaugural Meeker Mustang Makeover had six trainers from across Colorado.

Shawn Welder and Douglas

Shawn Welder & Douglas

Meeker, Colorado
Shawn, a farrier and outfitter, has
owned several mustangs & appreciates them for their solid dispositions & sturdy composition.
Douglas, his partner in the competition comes from the Douglas Creek HMA.

Cody Rhyne and Sky

Cody Rhyne & Sky

Palisade, Colorado
Originally from Craig, and a farrier and horse trainer, Cody has already ridden Sky on overnight pack trips in the high country. Sky is the only filly on the mustang side of the competition.


Wade Allred and Skeeter

Wade Allred & Skeeter

Rangely, Colorado
While Wade Allred may love rodeo, he doesn’t necessarily want to see one happen with the colts he trains. His mustang Skeeter comes from the Douglas Creek HMA, near where he


Joe Wood and Flintstone

Joe Wood & Flintstone

Meeker, Colorado
Joe Wood is a Meeker area horse trainer, cattleman & roping competitor who loves to win & knows that mixing girls & horses just might be the way to do it. His
daughter Deana was recently spotted at the 4th of July Range Call, riding mustang Flintstone, bareback.

Paige Burnham and Nitis

Paige Burnham & Nitis

Clifton, Colorado
Nitis means “friend” in the Ute Language. Paige , already a winner in a previous mustang competition, wants to make sure her partner in this competition is a willing friend.

Sarah Geis and Wyatt

Sarah Geis & Wyatt

Larkspur, Colorado
Wyatt is guaranteed to be ready for this shootout between trainers and horses.
Sarah is a “TIP” certified trainer for the BLM readying horses for new homes.